A2D intro to the iMusician forum scene 👋 enter in my club

Hello :wave:,

I’m A2D ; my target is to stream music, vibes, in the ears to make the nights and days hits. I strongly believe that will make you good memories.

:point_down: Kick-start your day my new EP “LIVE” - is out :point_down:

[A2D | Spotify]

The albums, EP and singles, I published are really done with the team of iMusician. I thanks them to make my musical dream come true.

I give 5 :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: to all the members of this community.


Genuinely kick-starting my day with “Live” whjilst out on the gravel bike thanks for that!



Have a good trip :headphones: :man_mountain_biking: @SimonG !

Thanks for sharing @A2D :headphones:

Loving the EP and just added ‘Forever’ to our i’M Electronic playlist here

Feel free to share it tomorrow in our Fresh Release Fridays thread here where we select artists for features on the iMusician Show :tv:

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Thanks @Nicolas.Admin for adding my song to your playlist, I will hear it immediately !

A link with photos I made to visually add feeling to my sounds https://www.flickr.com/people/hello_dj_tgv/ :palm_tree:


Yeah! It’s showtime for us

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:headphones: :level_slider: :control_knobs:

Click on A2D

On TikTok now link TikTok :headphones: :ok_hand:

:boom: Yeah! today graduated and certified by Musixmatch with 93% :champagne:

:champagne: Nice! Lyrics all synced?

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@SimonG I just synced the first one for this song and waiting impatiently that it will be displayed on Spotify :notes:

Now @SimonG synced in Spotify :speech_balloon: and French translation done too !


:point_down: On the iMusician Show 14 :100:

iMusician Show 14 || Vinyl Pressing Plants & Univers-Ils

Make some noise and share it, they are great :+1:

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:eyes: Soon news will be available, like, follow, and share @A2D on Spotify to be aware :notes: !

On other platforms too (with the help of iMusician) :boom: :hot_pepper:

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Did you get an Artist Hub? The link can be shared almost immediately as it does both pre-save and post release on one link >> funky :slight_smile:

But already following you on Spotify :smiley:

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@SimonG good to know that funky business but when I try to create an Artist Hub - it says pre-save is only available if Spotify and Deezer are selected. In my case the first step of my next release is only Beatport :wink: and after a while a new push to the other platforms. For sure, I will try this Artist Hub then.

Great that you follow me on Spotify :clap:

Sit down a new single is coming soon

A2D Dance Cover Canvas

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You know you’re right, Spotify and Deezer are the only ones to support pre-save… My bad! Keep your focused strategy, let’s see how this goes!

Loving the photo also, nice beach - where is this?

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@SimonG it is done in Spain, view on the Mediterranean :ocean:

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On the radio too :muscle: :headphones: :+1:

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