Can I trust the release date?

Hi there.

Can I trust the release date enough to promote on it?

We set along with iMusician, September 9th, can I promote it not worrying it might be delayed?

Thank you very much!!

Hey @Lucas1

thank you for your message.

If you have entered everything completely and correctly, your release should appear on this date as scheduled. You will receive an email beforehand when your release has passed the quality check and has been delivered.

In exceptional cases, it can happen that the quality team still has questions to you, and a release date may be delayed as a result. But as described above, if you have entered everything completely and correctly, it should run perfectly. I can recommend that you monitor the status of your release in the dashboard and keep an eye on your e-mail inbox.

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I saw your other post Track count on single release
From this new post, does it mean that you succeeded in buying your release?

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@eriahummingbird Hi, yes. It worked out ok. Turns out I hadn’t checked the lyricist box, which was mandatory, and I hadn’t noticed that. But then it worked out perfectly. Thank you very much for the keen eye on that!

@cantheproducer Hi! Ok, understood. Thank you very much for the clear and detailed response. I truly appreciate it. It’s my first time using iMusician and you know how it is working with public material, there’s a lot of pressure for functionality.

Thank you both very much for the help.

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