How To Change My Email Address?


How do I change my email address on my IMusician account?
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Hi @daviddialma
I’ll send you a private message to help you with that.

@JJ_JJ Hi…same here :)…I need to change the mail adress of my account

@Moampf I’ll send over a PM to help you out with that :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a private message so you can have it changed asap.


Same thing for me, I’d need to change my email adress please.

I’ll send you a message as well.


How do I change my email address on my iMusician account ?
Thank’s for your help.

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Romeo Ispaler

Hey @iamispalerproduction
Check out your mailbox here - I’ll send over a message with some instructions.

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I need to change my email address to iMusician, my email address has been compromised and I don’t have access on it! Please It’s Urgently!

Hi there,

I also need to change email in my iMusician account, please send the instructions!

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(My english is not very good, I’m french).
My mail - hotmail- no longer works. How to change it on IMusician ?
On Community, you can reach me on - gmail.
Where to send my ID to change my email adress ?

Bonjour @Elisabeth

Vous pouvez parler en français sur ce forum. Je vais vous envoyer un message en privé pour vous aider à changer votre adresse email.

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@Uran @Valon

I sent you a PM - this will help you to change your email address for your iMusician’s account.

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Hello iMusician Team,

My gmail account to imusician has been compromised so I lost access to it! How do I change my email address on my iMusician Account! It’s really urgent someone that has access to it can do compromise access to my iMusician Account as well! Please it’s urgently I still have access to my iMusician Account!

Please contact me to as long I don’t have access on the ().

Waiting to take action urgently on this issue!

Thank You
Kind Regards.

Hello @Uran
I sent you a DM to update your email address.

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The form has been filled, when it will be proceesed

Hello, I would like to change the email adress of my iMusician account. After having read the previous posts I understand that you will get in touch via email to show me how to do it… Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards

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Hi, same problem with my email address, I need to change it because my email portal is having problems and I can’t receive and send emails.
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please service me. I would like to change my email account for release music on apple music and itunes music cause the first time I use apple email address is [### ] but I opened for get my account is [###]. And I don’t think about something is interrupted. So Please help me to change only my email account please but paypal account isn’t change, please.

[Mod: please don’t put email addresses use on accounts into the open forum, there will be an opportunity to DM our team with this information later]