How To Change My Email Address?

Bonjour, je souhaite
1/ changer mon email
2/ prendre la main sur un compte créé automatiquement sur YOUTUBE

Hallo hier bei mir das gleiche ich muss meine Email adresse ändern da ich keinen Zugriff mehr darauf habe @JJ_JJ

Hi JJ, please I need to change my email address too. Can you help?

Comment changer mon email?

Hello everyone - @Carlos @Melani if you can help out here for the email addresses change.

@JJ_JJ Hallo Jordan, bitte senden sie mir eine Nachricht mit einer Anleitung wie ich meine Email adresse ändern kann, da ich leider keinen Zugriff mehr darauf habe, Danke

Mfg Florian

Hello @JJ_JJ , Please send me a message, how can i change my email adress, thank you greetings Flo

@WESEEHAWKS @CLB @musician-2023 @CGP @Florian @monrejameson

I have contacted you all in private so we can take care of that :slight_smile:

Hi Carlos, the email with which I created the account in this Community is different from that of my iMusician account. My Italian email portal has been compromised and I can’t use it or access in iMusician, so I want to change my iMusician email with this that I use in the Community.
Best Regards


@CLB I’ve contacted you in Private regarding this :slight_smile:

Hallo, leider habe ich keinen Zugriff mehr auf meine private Email Adresse mit der ich mich auf i musician einloggen kann, und muss diese dringend ändern.

Mfg Florian M

Hello iMusician Supporte team,

I want to change my email address to iMusician Account how can I do!
Can you please send instructions in private DM!

Thank you waiting for message!

I have just purchased the publication of a single.

Unfortunately, before confirming the purchase, I forgot to change my old e-mail address which is no longer active, so I cannot access the IRSC codes and the payment confirmation you sent me.

How can I now change it in my account ?

hello @shpresakerqeli and @MarcoKohler22 I’m sending you a DM with the instructions.

@Florian I’m also checking your request

Hi! I also need to change my e-mail address for my account! Please send instructions

Hey @Harulf, I’m contacting you in private :slight_smile:

Hi…I need to change the mail adress of my account. Can you help me?

Hi there @gianvito,
I’m sending you a DM with the instructions.

Hi! Same here - please tell me how I can change my mail adress! Thank you! Best, Michael

Alright @Michael,

Expect my dm in the next few minutes :saluting_face: