iMusician Show 17 || Will YouTube Pay You More Than Spotify?

In this week’s episode we’ve got a special intro from Community member @zirnoise :slight_smile:

We also dive into YouTube’s $6 billion investment in the music industry; we’ll talk about the return of Bandcamp Fridays that started at the beginning of September, and we’ll have a look at an interesting feature that Spotify’s currently testing in Vietnam.

AND as with every week here on the iMusician show we shine the spotlight on musicians from our community - @Inka + @leapfidei + @LIIX1 + @MailandScope :sparkles:

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:small_orange_diamond: More YouTube tips
:small_orange_diamond: Bandcamp Fridays
:small_orange_diamond: Spotify Reactions


Merci beaucoup pour l’honneur que imusician nous fait :heart: . Ça tombe bien car ce 30 septembre , le clip vidéo officiel de Amadjalo x Amapiano sera en ligne sur YouTube.

Ci joint, notre chaîne YouTube :

LIIX cordialement.


And Epic thanks to @zirnoise for the intro - definitely enjoyed that one coming over!

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Haha! Thank you guys! :heart:
And also, intersting and cool video!