iMusician Show 19 || TikTok Music, YouTube Handles & Virtual DJing

Another week, another dive into the latest news in the music industry :tv:

This week on the show we’re talking about:

:green_apple: Apple’s revamp of Apple Music for Artists

:selfie: ByteDance, Resso & TikTok as it looks like TikTok Music (TikTok’s streaming platform) is on the horizon

:robot: YouTube Handles - like using that @ on Instagram? Now you can use it on YouTube

:people_hugging: Beatport’s new feature Party Mode, which allows you to DJ B2B with your friends from anywhere in the world

:dvd: Our latest music discovery, songs from the comedy/crime show Tschugger

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:small_orange_diamond:Apple Music for Artists
:small_orange_diamond:TikTok for Artists
:small_orange_diamond:What is Beatport Streaming?
:small_orange_diamond:Beatport for Artists
:small_orange_diamond:Beatport Party Mode


Love the idea of Beatport Party Mode - Just not sure how actually useful it is … Has anyone got access to it or used it? Would love a proper opinion.