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Hello everybody! This is Antonio, Playlist Manager at iMusician :notes:

In this category you’ll find everything related to Playlists and How To Get Playlisted.

We know this topic is crucial for every independent artist/label in terms of getting exposure in the streaming and download platforms, so we’ve developed different blog articles and guides to help you reach as many ears as possible world wide. You can read them all here :open_book:

:drum:Did you know you can submit your songs to the iMusician playlists (both on Spotify & Deezer)?
We have a curation team who’s continuously looking for new discoveries and we’d love to hear yours too! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

All you have to do is…
:one: Follow this link > Submit Your Tracks - Playlists | iMusician
:two: Select the playlist that best fits your music
:three: Complete the form and click on “Submit”
:four: Our curation team will listen to your song (honestly: they’re crazy about new discoveries!)
:five: We’ll mention you on our Instagram profile you’ve made it to our playlists

You can also listen & follow our playlists on Spotify & Deezer

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