iMusician's Artwork Creator

Hey all,

Just wanted to get some quick feedback…

  1. Have you used the Artwork generator on iMusician or do you always bring your own?
  2. If you use your own - do you use a tool (e.g. Canva) or do you get someone else to do it?
  3. If you use the iMusician tool - What would you improve?

@A2D @andi_zigon … Also I’m back from a week of illness, hope you’re all surviving out there!


Hi @Si_G :sunglasses:

I use artworks from “Postermywall”. There are pre made covers. I can edit the artworks.

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Hey @CanMusic - hope you’re well!

I haven’t heard of that one at all, super interesting - what made you choose “postermywall”? And by “pre-made”… do they offer some sort of wizard?

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I’m fine thank you! I’m glad you’re back. :+1:

I think the selection is very good. I can customize the font, size, background etc. everything.

Here is a link: 23,380+ album covers Customizable Design Templates | PosterMyWall

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They actually look super nice… and there is a free version as well for social media sizes - nice!

Did you use this on your last release - if so, did you have any issues with Apple Music? (I am just wondering whether the low res images from the “free tier” would be good enough for Apple’s policies).

We’re trying to figure out what we do with our Artwork Generator so wanted to see what others are using.

I have always used artworks from this site. I only upload my music to Spotify. The resolutions of my artworks are 3000 x 3000. I pay about 2-3 € for a higher resolution.

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€2-3 for 3000 x 3000 is not bad at all - thanks for all the info - if postermywall could do 1 thing better - what would it be?

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I don´t know. :wink: I always find everything I need there. And for an even higher resolution you would pay the same price.

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hi @Si_G glad you’re back and well again!!! Our artwork has been realized by UC Studio in Venice, Italy, we can absolutely recommend this studio for important artworks, photoshootings or videos! you can find more infos about the studio and a direct contact at :v:

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Hi @Si_G . I work with an artist. Our styles are blending really well!

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