Introduce Yourself! 🎤

Hi everybody,
I’m Andrea, from Italy, manager of TESTAmusic, an indipendent label.
Here’s the link to a video from our latest production: Tony & The Old Men - Cigarette Burns


Hello , I m Artist musician singer songwriter , I proposed music in link to poetry.


Hi ! I’m Inka, a solo singer-songwriter and pianist from France. My music is in the electro pop style, I let you discover my last release on my spotify:

All feedbacks from the community are welcome.


Ciao sono Sofia,
vi presento il mio ultimo inedito:


It’s time to dip in your sound waves from the Ocean @Inka :whale:

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For the electronic producers, musicians, and DJs out there - today we’re linking up with @Beatport Marketing Manager Matthew Friedman for a live chat to give you everything you need to know about Beatport Streaming, a streaming service for musicians and DJs that makes Beatport’s extensive electronic music catalog available to stream in the booth, at home, or anywhere in the world :dvd:

Tune in via Instagram today at 18:00 CET / 12:00 EST :studio_microphone:

We’ll be continuing the conversation here in the Community following the convo


Hey everyone! We’re a Swiss band playing indie and pop music. We just released two new songs, check it out here:


Hello everyone, my name is Uğur.

Creating this place is very nice idea, Thanks to iMusician.
I appreciate almost all kind of music. It seems so many talented people here, I’d like to check all the album/song links as long as I have time.

Thanks & bye.


Hi Leapfidei. I listened your album, intro through outro. You did an amazing job. I saved it as a playlist from youtube. Will your new album be the same style?

Hello Ugur !
Thanks a lot taking time for listening and saving Neo Poetico ! :heart:

Yes the 2nd album will be more or less in the same musical atmosphere and will have more lyrics, even if this new opus is a way for me to demonstrate other things.
I’m currently looking for someone who could help me with the communication of this new album and maybe find a production.
If someone in this community is interested… let me know :slight_smile:

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Interesting video design @frantic we feel the content of the tied music :four_leaf_clover: wish you all the luck

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Hello Leapfidei,
It was my pleasure, thank you.

I guess this is the communication help you are looking for, social media manager or something like that. I hope you can find someone to help you.
I think this promotion is the hardest part for artists. Because it is a tedious and time-consuming job.
I hope you can find the person you are looking for.
I wish you continued success.

hi we are smokin’ Brains, we are a band and we released our first track last week: Spotify

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Didn’t understand What you wanna say?

@smokinbrains I wanna say we do not forget your song in our ears during this summer - sure a hit for a first release !

Ahhh thanks!! Hope you like it, if is like that, please share it averywhere

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@smokinbrains wish done, song added to my playlist :wink:

Un duo astromusical à découvrir sur :

Thanks a lot, keep sharing it :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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Ciao Pio, ho ascoltato… bella canzone ci piace, anche noi abbiamo rilasciato poco fa la nostra prima canzone, ti lascio il link: Listen

We are on Apple Music also: Listen

iTunes: [Purchase] ‎Yours for the Summer - Single by Smokin' Brains on Apple Music)

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