Introduce Yourself! 🎤

Happy to have you onboard @Simon :slight_smile:

Loving this track under ‘Freddie Hudson’ - I just added it to our i’M Electronic playlist here :headphones:

You can also share it in our Fresh Release Fridays thread here where we will be selecting artists for features on the iMusician Show

Just added ‘Exhale’ to our i’M Electronic playlist here @sebastienhmusic :slight_smile:

Feel free to share it in our Fresh Release Fridays thread here too!

Hello Torenkas S.,

Hope it never end… :dizzy:

Now, your song is integrated to my playlist Supercool on Spotify !


Hey @A2D,

Thanks for adding my song on your playlist. Also added yours on my Spotify playlist. :wink:

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Will check this pop dance beats :wink:

I’m Pio Palumbo, an Italian musician / producer and I have been distributing my music with iMusician since 2018.
My latest release is “Fermoimmagine”, a collaboration track released a few days ago (obviously with iMusician).
It’s a syntwave/ 80s style track.
Enjoy it !

Lyric Video


Loving the 80s vibe and lyric video for your track @piopalumbo :man_dancing:

Thanks for sharing! I’ve added it to our Power to the Pop playlist here

Look forward to hearing more!


Thank you so much Nicholas !

:grin: :grin:

Hi Guys, Craig from Lost Kommunication Records, nice to meet you! I somehow missed the fact that iMusician had a community forum, great idea!

A short summary of me below.

Lost Kommunication Records Ltd is the creative hub for music released by Lost Knowledge, including guest collaborations. Lost Knowledge is an uplifting Trance, Hard Trance, Hard House producer based in New Zealand.

Just under 20 music releases distributed via iMusician in since Oct 2020, its been a great platform for me to get my music out to the world without strings attached. Getting onto platforms such as Beatport, spotify, apple music, etc. has been crucial.

A couple of recent releases on Spotify :slight_smile:

Lost Knowledge - Can’t Stop Me (Radio Edit): Spotify

Lost Knowledge - Escape (Radio Edit): Spotify



Website Link with other release’s at LK Records Homepage:


Hi - I am Red Ran The Mathematikal. I am a multi-instrumentalist on a electronic journey exploring jazz! I like to incorporate breakbeats to my music. I have used iM to distribute many of my releases. Check me out on Spotify: Spotify


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Hello and thanks for the invitation.

I have released an album of 12 tracks, in late 2020 , a new album is coming pretty soon.
I allow myself to join you various links where you can listen to this first album.

Leap Fidei


Hey everybody !

We are Doorshan from France, we play Rock Electro with 2 voices and we work with imusican for 3 years now. Very good team for independant artists like us.

We release a new video clip this year CRACK : DoorShan - Crack (Official Video) - YouTube

Have a good day the community and best regards.

Yann - Doorshan


Hi everyone !
I’m a French artist who just released a new song.
I’m 24, coming from Paris and living in Lausanne.

Check the song out here : Vers les étoiles - Single

I’m really looking forward to hear your comments about this music !
It’s written and sung in french in collaboration with a friend of mine.

See u for more :slight_smile:

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Hello, everyone,

I’m CAN MUSIC, 27 years old and I’m a music producer from Germany.

I’ve already had over 250,000K streams on Spotify.
Many streamers on YouTube and Twitch use my music because it’s Copyright Free.

You are welcome to get a first impression here: [Spotify]

I look forward to sharing experiences together

Best regards

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Hey Craig :wave:

Happy to have you here in the Community + thank you for sharing! Needed some high-energy tracks this morning to get the ball rolling

I’ve passed them along to @Lucas who curates our i’M Electronic playlists here

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Hey there,
my name is Clyde. I’m a songwriter and producer. I want to sell my songs. Hope you like it!
Let’s rock!

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Bonjour à toute la communauté et merci pour l’invitation :sparkles:

Je m’appelle Lea, CEO du Label Bwentertainment.

Nous construisons les artistes de demain en collaborant avec divers producteurs afin d’accroître le potentiel de chaque artiste que nous rencontrons.

Management,communication , développement artistique … nous avons diversifiés nos casquettes afin de fournir une palette de possibilités.

Que vous soyez chanteur - acteur (oui nous aimons monter les marche à cannes :relaxed::sparkles:) beatmaker, musicien ect ect vous êtes les bienvenus dans notre grande famille.

Voici notre insta : Login • Instagram

Nous avons bientôt notre première sortie avec Imusician :fire: alors j’attends vos retours.

A très vite.


Hi everyone !
I’m an old musician and producer who had big success in the past but always for other people. Multi-instrmentist, songwriter, and performer, I make my own music now ( I will release shortly my third album on Imusician) and I promote it with videos on YouTube:
Thank you for watching and for your feedback.

Second album on Spotify: