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Hey :wave: there my name is Xybxr.G_Blaq The only trap chapel that matters i would like to share two of my songs

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Hola quisiera presentarme como Artista mi nombre es DonPrimate y les dejo un gran abrazo y bendiciones a todos los que hacen vida en este lindo espacio. Adjunto mis links de Spotify esperando no estar faltando a ningúna norma interna. Saludos

Tema Promocional: LA PARED

cuenta oficial:


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Hello, I write and sing lyrics, which I write over powerful often self-produced EDM beats. So far I have released four singles. Feel free to listen to my latest single :wink: :lollipop:


What is good everybody?

Im TSCHARO from Zurich and just released my first Single on this Project. Im looking forward to the release of my album which I’m producing with talented friends around my city. Check it out and I’m happy about any feedback!

Also I still dont have access to my spotify for artist or to the other streaming plattforms - So excuse the clutter :grin:

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I am a singer / songwriter who lives in Brittany, France and who loves Pop Music.

  • I released an album with my band Mystery Fox called “Serendipity” that
    I published on all platforms via iMusician on 19th december 2020.

    Here is the link below to one of the 9 tracks on the album:

  • I find it interesting to be part of this community

  1. to resolve my own technical problems
  2. to see what other musicians are doing in the big world outside.

I have no particular career plans except trying to write the best possible songs
for people to enjoy them.


Hello everyone, hallo allerseits, ciao a tutti, bonjour,

And greetings from (nowadays) Finland! Glad to be here, and how nice it is to have a multi-language forum! I’d like to introduce myself:

Singer-songwriter since the 1980ies (I very much like that decade musically), and releasing my works since then. I still love cassettes but was quick to embrace new technology (like, gosh, a MIDI sequencer on Atari ST… anyone?).

In 2019 I joined iMusician for my first two streaming releases, with more hopefully on their way. Links to streaming platforms etc. can be found at my website

Thank you and happy music-making!


Hello @LeadingMotive

Atari is great, the base of our new technology :wink::ok_hand: