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¡Hola Mario!

Si está buscando colaborar, siéntase libre de publicar en esta parte de “collaborate” del foro (veamos si esto funciona :))

También Marabunta es :heart:

Hey Mario!

If you’re looking to collaborate, feel free to post on this “collaborate” part of the forum (let’s see if this works :slight_smile: )

Also Marabunta is :heart:

(I’ve also posted more on how to share links on this post)

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Somos a banda Maverick Benedicto, esse é nosso som
Podem ouvir também nosso EP no spotfy, ou em outras plataformas digitais.
Desde já, é um enorme prazer poder mostrar meu projeto aqui, espero que gostem


Oi somo a banda Maverick Benedicto, do Brasil - Rio de Janeiro
segue ai um pouco do nosso som:


Hi everyone,

I am a musician songwriter from Barcelona who self-produces from home.
I love writing my lyrics in English and I have no pretensions other than to share my songs and enjoy as I always do in every phase of the songwriting, performance and production process.
I am delighted to be able to share in this space with all of you.
Last year I was encouraged to start uploading my music with iMusician.
Now I’m on all platforms.

I leave you with a video of a track from my album “Space Dream”, of which I am very proud.


Hey @Cone

This is absolutely lovely, very ethereal - listened to this last night after being at a stargazing night (a gift for my Mum’s birthday) - was totally perfect!

Do you play the guitar or is this all arranged in a DAW?

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Thank you very much Simon,

All instruments, except drums (programmed and filtered this time) are real and played by me, in this track basically guitar, electric bass and piano.
What I like the most is the children’s choir that prevails until the end while the rest melts away, sung by my daughter.

Of course, for the scenario you pose from your previous night, it’s quite appropriate.

Thank you very much for listening and for the comment.

Amazing!!! that is awesome, incredible that you got your daughter involved as well,

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I love this song! Great voice production all over is really catchy. I’m impressed! I’ve got this song on my playlist. :smiley:


Hi Folks!
I’m a french woman producer! I began 4 years ago, with instrumental and ambient or electro, pop, etc…depends on my mood :wink:
You can find me here : Llo Sigma | Spotify
or on others streaming websites (“Llo Sigma”).
Hope we’ll talk about our passion, and maybe, create new projects together!


I like your kind of music! You’ve got a lot of good ideas and a fine rhythm technique, but sometimes I’ve got the feeling a voice is needed. Best regards!


Thank you for your comment! :slightly_smiling_face:
You’re right, sometimes I use vocal samples, but it’s not enough in all situations! Yet, I’m still not ready to sing, but I’ll think about it!

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Hi there imusician Community! :star_struck:
My Artist Name is CANGURU. :kangaroo:

I am a Music Producer/Artist based in Berlin.

The music I produce is a blend between my favourite electronic music genres:

Alt-Dance, Alt-Electro-Pop, Melodic Techno, Alt-Hip-Hop and Trip-Hop.

Please, feel free to give my music a spin via my Website:

[CANGURU WEBSITE] ( ) :loud_sound:

I’ m looking forward to get to know other Music Producers/Artists out there and I am open for collaborations. DM me if you’re interested. :wink:


Hello I’m Ben-J, :wink:

Born to perform, Ben-J transports audiences to parallel universes unique blend of musical styles.
Ben-J’s ever-evolving, chameleon-like soul breaks down gender barriers to create a transcendent, freeing experience.
:point_down: :point_down:
My Music

Sharing community and advice to improve, help each other and give each other keys to do live.

I would like to live entirely of music like most of us I think :wink:


Wow, I really like this kind of melancholic style in your music. You’ve got one more fan and follow!


Hi thanks so much for your message and follow :slight_smile:

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Hello! My name is Panmet.:sunglasses: My debut album was released on December 15th, the sound of which pays homage to the Sega Genesis console and the Streets of Rage game series. I had a chance to appear on Beatport, but they were afraid that I might experiment with other music, far from electronic. Here are my links where you can hear me: Panmet - Retrosound SMD 16-bit Part 1 | BandLink

Saludos me llamo Daniel y soy músico, maestro y compositor, bendiciones y éxito a todos los miembros y directivos, mi pregunta: pagué un plan de distribución desde hace más de 1 año pero cada vez que intento subir mi EP o single, dice que debo pagar otra cantidad…

Je m’appelle Phil mais mon nom d’artiste est Zaré
J’ai sorti une quinzaine de titres, je suis compositeur, guitariste, chanteur.
Ravi d’appartenir à cette communauté d’aristes


Bonjour à tous ! Je m’appelle Andreas Montero et je suis un jeune chanteur compositeur interprète. Je souhaitais vous partager aujourd’hui mon premier single entièrement auto-produit :

Hello everyone ! I’m Andreas Montero and I’m a young singer and composer. I want to share with you my first single :

Merci à tous !
Thank you !