Limited Time Only: Save Over 30% on Yearly Plans!

Hey there, music lovers! :musical_note:

We’ve got an exciting deal for you, but you have to act fast!

:loudspeaker: Get ready to turn up the volume with a jaw-dropping discount (over 30%) on our annual AMPLIFY and AMPLIFY+ plans :loudspeaker:

It’s time to take your music to a whole new level! Ready for some magic to happen? Upgrade to AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+ and enjoy its world of benefits:

  • Keep a smashing 100% of your earnings! :moneybag:
  • Create buzz with pre-save pages that’ll get your fans hyped.
  • Maximize your reach with premium shops and reach a broader audience.
  • Let our expert team pitch your tunes and get you playlisted! :headphones:

This offer will last 2 weeks from today (last day, Aug 21st)! So hurry up and grab this opportunity to amp up your plans immediately, even if you’re already jamming with an active subscription. Don’t miss this chance! Upgrade now and embrace the incredible power of AMPLIFY subscriptions. You won’t regret it!

Take a look at the pricing page to have an overview of all the features included on each plan.

PS: It’s super easy to switch to an annual plan. Just go to ‘Account’ and click ‘Change to Yearly’. Let’s make some legendary music together! :notes:


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