Music not published on Spotify

Why is my music not published on Spotify yet? I chose Spotify as a platform amongst 3 others. Its been 5 days now.

Your service is horrible. How can a company not have a contact form. Comes across as a scam.

hi @Josh , please moderate your tone. there are certain rules in this Community, please take a careful look at it: How it Works! 🎶 as disrespect will be followed by a ban. The Community Members and Moderators together with the iMusician Staff are here to help.
meanwhile i’ll ask @Carlos from iMusician Team if he can help you with your issue.


Hey @Josh,

Please calm down and moderate your tone. I get that you are frustrated, but it’s not a reason to be impolite.

  1. You’re currently on our Free subscription, which is why you don’t have access to the contact form. This is explained here, I highly recommend you take the time to read the article.

  2. Have you checked your release date ? It’s on the 12.11.2023, so it’s totally normal that the release is not online yet :slight_smile: