New Artist Pages - Share your link with us!

Hey everyone - Nick here from our office here in Berlin :wave:

An exciting update on our end today as I’m happy to announce the launch of our new promo tool Artist Pages :dvd:

What’s happening?

If you’re an AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+ subscriber, you now have access to premium Artist Pages.

Even if you’ve never released anything before, you can still join the party and get your artist brand started!

What is it?

Say goodbye to the hassle of building an artist website from scratch. With Artist Pages — designed exclusively for independent artists — you can create a professional web presence in just minutes.

  • Simply pick the tabs you want to display

  • Add images, video links, bio, and contact details

  • Boom, your Artist Page is ready to go!

Your Artist Page is like your trusty sidekick that will stick with you through thick and thin! No matter what, your page link will never expire.

If you ever need to downgrade your AMPLIFY subscription, no worries! Your page will simply adjust with your plan, but the link will stay the same, so your fans won’t miss a beat!

We can’t wait to see the pages created from our Community! Once you’ve created yours, share it in this thread as we’d love to help you get eyes on your release(s) :eyes:

AND if you have any questions or would like some tips on how to make your page shine, drop them here as well as we’re here to help and excited for you to use this powerful tool to take your artist brand to the next level!



Exciting newsss :heart_on_fire: :heart_on_fire:



New artist page created & updated :musical_score:

A2D - Artist Page (


Here we go!! → CAN MUSIC - Artist Page

:grin::v: Amazing!!

Werde ich in Kürze noch ausbauen :handshake:
Edit: Habe ich jetzt ausgebaut. Sieht echt cool aus! Gefällt mir!


@Nicholas great news! thanks a lot! @A2D amazing!!!


Hi, ist es normal, dass meine Releases bei dem neuen Hub for Artists nicht alle Releases anzeigt? Danke übrigens für dieses neue Feature! Ist mega geworden!!! LG MCJonazn :wink:


Lollimoon - Artist Page (

Take a look at my new artist page! :wink: :lollipop:


Wirklich eine sehr einfache Bedienung und ein hervorragendes Design. Das ist genial! Ein super Werkzeug!
Schaut gerne auf meiner Seite vorbei.
Liebe Grüße an alle
Florian Schnitzler


Hey @MCJonazn

Ich habe dir eine DM geschickt, um zu klären, was das Problem hier war. Deine Artist Page ist jetzt mit all deinen Veröffentlichungen eingerichtet :slight_smile:

Vielen Dank für die netten Worte, wir lieben es, wie deine Artist Page jetzt schon aussieht!

LG Nick


but if i open " The Artist Page for Demaklenco is currently unavailable." How long does it take before it can be seen? (Demaklenco - Artist Page)


Hi @MontedoMusic!

Generally pages are available under 5 minutes after publishing, we are working on improving this experience to make it even less.


Ich bin mal so fair und berichte euch, was bei Punkt 1. das “Problem” war :thinking::

Ein Konflikt: Ich hatte in der Bibliothek zwei Künstler angelegt und immer den oberen versucht zu bearbeiten - Also für die Artist Page! Beim unteren (ersten?) hat es einwandfrei geklappt. Sorry - das war dann eher mein Fehler!

Die Artist Page kann ich somit weiterempfehlen :ok_hand: :+1:

Hier ist meine: Aelcon S - Artist Page


Wow​:heart_eyes: Awesome :clap: :heart_hands::heart_hands:

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Hi! @Aelcon
Regarding 1st point we are working on UI improvements to help avoid making duplicate artists that leads to problem you’ve described. In the meantime if anyone encounter such problem make sure you are using the artist that has been used in your release pages before. One can easily check by going to releases section in Artist Page.
Unless it is part of a Release from an era where Release Pages were not part of Music Distribution package, to fix that one need to first activate Release Page from Release in their library (for which we are also working on a solution :slightly_smiling_face:)

In regards to second issue due to infrastructural changes that were part of Artist Page development we had to change security policies in order to support better page loads, faster updates and more intelligent caching on Release Pages and Artist Pages. We are thinking on a solution for providing embed codes Release Pages. In the mean time can you DM me your website and we will see what we can do to mitigate embed issues you are facing.


Wow, they look super cool and pro @cantheproducer @A2D @Aelcon @FlorianSchnitzler @Lollimoon !!

Please don’t forget to share it on your IG and to tag us ! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face:

Let’s get heaaaard!


Hi Community

Es freut mich, dass Imusician nun die Artist Pages released hat. Aber ein wenig mehr als 500 Charakter für die Bio hätten es schon sein können… ;.)

Anbei meine Page

Link to Argo74’s Artist Page

Grüsschen an die Community



@Melani easy with iMusician tools for Artist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :ok_hand:

Shared on IG, Twitter & FB :dizzy:



Merci pour ce nouvel outil !!! C’est super, surtout pour le partager sur les réseaux… J’ai fait le mien ce matin, pas mal de personne “Like” et et j’ai déjà beaucoup plus de personnes qui viennent écouter mes titres sur ma page Youtube . Je partage le mien avec la communauté !

Bizz à tous


@corinnelesclingand95 bienvenue dans cette communauté ; un village de troubadours :wink: :ok_hand:


ackzz - Artist Page - cheers!