Payout Promo Credit

The biggest part of our earnings has been changed to promo credit, so we cannot pay it out anymore. We need to pay them out to fund new projects.
Please help us.

BR Benedikt

dear @Fratelli-B , I fear that promo credits cannot be paid out as stated in the Terms and Conditionsns:

I’ll tag @Carlos here to see if he can take a deeper look at it :v:

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Thank you for your reply. I definitely want to talk to someone official from imusician, because it is about a lot of cash and I will definitely not accept this.

As I said, I already tagged Carlos from the iMusician Team, he will come back to you soon, thanks for your patience :v:


Hey @Fratelli-B,

There is no Promo Credit on your account:


If there was any conversion you would see the amount appear here.


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