Payouts showing as promo credit?

Why are my royalties showing as promo credits…? Seems pretty fraudulent not paying artist their royalties in usable currency and forcing them to use bullsh1t credits on your platform…


First of all, I would recommend that you write respectfully and not claim anything that is not true.

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@Carlos from the iMusician Team will take care of your request shortly.

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I didn’t claim anything that wasn’t true. I’m owed royalties not useless “promo credits” but thanks buddy.

That’s not what I’m talking about. You write that iMusician seems to be fraudulent because they supposedly don’t want to pay out the money. That is not the truth. Wait until tomorrow. Your concern will then be clarified.


Good evening,

If you had taken the time to carefully read the Terms & Conditions (Terms & Conditions | iMusician), you would have found this:

Cash credit in your account (normally from sales and royalties) can be used to buy other services (in part or in full) or be paid out. Your cash credit will not expire as long as you login at least once every year, after which we reserve the right to convert outstanding cash credit into Promo-credit to minimise exchange rate risk.

This might explain what happened in your case.


Well that would be nice if they let people know that they’re converting their hard earned royalties to useless credits without the artist permission… but thank you for the info I appreciate it. Now how do I get the credit converted to withdraw-able cash cause I have bills to pay and can’t pay them with imusician credits.


We are letting you know via the T&Cs that you are required to confirm to open your iMusician account (+ you are being informed via e-mail that the conversion is pending), however it’s your responsibility to take the time and carefully read the conditions before confirming anything.

Promo credits cannot be withdrawn.