Release Notes 08.05.23 :imusician:

Hello everyone. Just wanted to give an update as to what has gone on over the past couple of months of Product Releases:


  • Music Analytics customers migrated to Tier 1
    • Music Analytics Customers can now benefit more easily from the features available in AMPLIFY without having to make any changes.
  • No removal of payment method while on active sub
    • Accidental removal of payment methods had led to some subscribers having their subscription not renewed, leading to some customers paying commission, this has will fix this.
  • Revenue section (Account)
    • Current commission rate and upgrade options are displayed more prominently
    • “Commission explainer” for legacy releases - ensuring we live up to our promise of not changing what was purchased and trying to improve our communication on this.


  • Changed delivery method for YouTube
    • This should reduce the number of CID tracks not reaching YouTube on time / timing out. We believe that this will completely cut out the number of tracks not being delivered to YouTube.


  • Fast payment flow supported on DMD / CID /Instant Mastering
    • Bypasses the “basket” stage of the checkout flow to make it easier and faster for purchases by removing unnecessary steps.


  • Pop-up for returning customers with latest app updates
    • We’ll tell you more about what has changed when you login to the app so that you can see if something has changed or not.


  • Bank country, IBAN & Swift validation
    • To reduce late payments, we are now validating that the payout addresses are “valid” (note: it doesn’t mean that they are correct, just that they conform to the IBAN standard as addressed here).


  • Display barcode type next to barcode number for release in Releases (Account)

  • Added shop dependency on Apple Music for Shazam

      • Apple music releases are automatically added to Shazam (by Apple), therefore Shazam has been removed from the shop selection list and delivering to Apple music will, by default, include Shazam.
  • Confirm with release name for takedowns

    • To reduce accidental takedowns, we’ve implemented this.
  • Artwork copyright year only displays options between digital release year and original copyright year

    • This is to try to stop the issues we had with releases being put into the wrong year.
    • If original release year is provided, user has option to enter artwork copyright year. The options available for this year are only between the original copyright year and the digital release year.
    • if original release year is not provided, artwork copyright year is not shown and generated using digital release year
    • Only affects users uploading their own artwork and not those using the artwork generator.
  • Helptext linking to payout policies in Revenue (Account)

    • Making it easier to find where the payout information is.
  • Release is in shops event

    • This will help us notify you (in the future) when your release is actually in shops (vs our current “final” status of “delivered”