Updates to Payout Addresses

You’ll have seen several posts on the Community regarding late payouts. As a first step towards improving this we have clarified what can be used as a payout address.

From today, iMusician will only accept IBAN numbers. For the majority of our customers, this is absolutely fine and will not impact their current payouts.

Note: this will only apply to if you make changes to / or add a new payout accounts

What is an IBAN?

IBAN numbers have been in use in Europe and other countries for many years. There is an easy way to either calculate or check where to find for your IBAN here.

IBAN numbers entered into the payout field will be subject to validation on the Payout Page (e.g. only accepted if they match the IBAN format)

I don’t have an IBAN number?

We recommend to all customers who cannot get an IBAN number to open a Wise Account, where they can easily get an IBAN number.

  • Wise accounts are free… there are very few fees for transferring money and the exchange rates are very good for the majority of currencies
  • This should also reduce Bank Charges for customers outside of our current currencies.

Why this change?

This change is designed to help us speed up / automate payouts to our customers. One major factor here was mis-typed or incorrect Bank Account details, we’re hoping that this will help.


If you have any further questions, please drop them in this thread.


Salve, nel portale dopo aver compilato tutto per l’uscita del mio singolo mi chiedeva di pagare con carta di credito o paypal, cosa che ho fatto correttamente dal 20 marzo, ma controllando leggo in attesa di pagamento, poi cliccando sopra mi da che l’importo da versare è zero. Non capisco a questo punto se il pagamento è andato a buon fine. Leggendo il vostro articolo leggo del codice iban… Ma non è già regolare pagando con carta di credito? Addirittura ho ripagato anche con paypal, ma niente… In attesa di pagamento! Vorrei sapere come mi
devo comportare

I requested payout at 17 Apr 2023. And I mailed your support team. They redirected me here. I got some payouts before at 27 Nov 2020 and 21 Feb 2019.

My Account ID is DELETED BY MODERATOR . Please execute my payout. If you need any further information, you have my email. I have all the informations you want. (Iban, swift code etc.)

@Carlos Hi there. I have issues about my payout. And the support team directed me here to get help. I wrote the message 28th April. I am still looking for an answer because I couldn’t get my money. I am waiting it from 17th April.

@tncytskn I’ve sent you a DM