Royalties moved to promo credit without notifications

Hi, I have some money earned from royalties in the past few years. I see that the credit has been moved to the promotional credit wallet, probably because I didn’t log in recently… But I also read from the documentation that I should have received an email notification before the credit expiration, which I did not.

I would like to use part of that credit to purchase an Amplify+ subscription for 1 year, and to withdraw the remnant since I was not notified about that operation.


Hey @Simuz :v:

Thank you for your message.

@Carlos from the iMusician Team will get back to you shortly.

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Hello @Simuz,

Once the conversion to promo credit has been done, it is not possible to reconvert the amount to cash credit, therefore you cannot withdraw the remnant.

You are always informed multiple times via e-mail before the conversion has been done (it is sent automatically) so most likely the emails have either end up in your spam folder or you simply missed them.


Hey Carlos,
I’m back at IMusician after years of not working with my Band.
We quit our band in 2010, so we had no longer our Homepage.
Unfortunatly my E-Mail Adress (which I use for IMusician Login) did not longer exist and I did not receive any Mails (as you wrote to @Simuz ).

My question is:
When did “Cash Credit” move to “Promo Credit” and is there NO WAY to payout the Promo Credit.

Hey @Tim,

All of this is explained in the " Cash credit and Promo-credit" section of our T&Cs : Terms & Conditions | iMusician


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