Split Payment

bietet ihr auch Split Payment an?
So das ich bei allen Artists den Split einstellen kann und dieser dann ohne dass es über das Label läuft automatisch ausgezahlt werden, so wie es z.b. Spare Musik oder Ditto anbieten?

Ich Danke euch für eure Hilfe !

Liebe Grüße

Hey @feim

This is coming very very soon - if you’re signedup at iMusician.pro then you’ll get an email when we launch this feature :slight_smile:

Okay thanks , do you have any ETA for this? Because it would be really important for me if I switch my catalogue to imusician :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

@SimonG What is the current status of the payment split? When will this be provided? This year, next year?

Hi Nico, I’m forwarding this question to @Carlos

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@NicoK, as far as I know it will be possible this year already, but you will be informed about this in due time.


Hello I’m updating this topic, this feature is the only thing that makes me no longer go through imusician for my releases. A feature to split payments between artists would really be a plus value. Do you have a roadmap for deploying this feature?

Hi @Shpirt, it is indeed in work in progress.
However, we are now deploying new features and therefore will be focusing on the split feature in the next future. But it is coming… :slight_smile: