Syncronise my Artist Youtube Channel

Hi there,
I have released two songs with iMusician and have them on Youtube under iMusician auto-generated channel. I have my Artist Profile that was created with another distributor. How do I consolidate my iMusician Youtube channel (2 tracks) now with my Artist Profile? Thanks a lot!

Hi @sherenproject Thanks for hanging in there. I’ve sent you a dm so I can have a look at the channels to be able to give you the best advice.


Can you help me to resolve a little problem, please ?
The release i made with Imusician
( (2) Maï Kash - YouTube )
does not appear on my official YouTube channel
( Maï Kash - YouTube )

There is only a release i made with Distrokid.
Can you help me to get both of them on my official channel please ?

Thank You.
Best Regards.

Hi @maikash please see my answer in this thread.