Unable to submit fixes to release

I was notified that I needed to fix three things, but there are 4 listed on the page.

3 under “Release” and 1 under “Tracks”. The problem is, there is NOT 3 checkboxes under “Release”. There are only 2, which I’ve both checked. And I’ve checked the one under “Tracks” as well.

Here is an image of the three checkboxes that appear. The first two are from the “Release” section, and the last one is from the “Tracks” section.

Again, There is no 3rd checkbox under “release” as it claims to indicate. Also, all three checkboxes in the image are all that I was notified about. So it incorrectly appears to think there is a 3rd thing that I need to fix but I literally cannot because it doesn’t exist. Am I just permanently stuck because of this?

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