Uploading same track to SoundCloud or Bandcamp

I’ve read the FAQs and these forums, but I’m still unsure of the answer to this. Can I upload the same piece of music to IDAGIO and SoundCloud and Bandcamp for extra exposure?

Thanks for any help.

hi @SoundOfMind , welcome to this Community! I’ll tag @Maurizio here to see if he can help with that, all the best, Andi

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The fact that you don’t know and I haven’t had a response yet tells me all I need to know about this service; I won’t be signing up with you guys.

Hello @SoundOfMind

Andi, as well as myself, are just other musicians, like yourself. We’re here to help and can answer some questions, but sometimes we don’t have the answers or aren’t sure, and thus, need the help of someone from iMusician.
Please be respectful and patient (remember our guidelines: How it Works! 🎶). Your post is only from yesterday and it’s a free forum. You can have an answer between a day and a week, depending on the schedule of the staff.

As far as iMusician is concerned, you can upload your tracks anywhere you want. The contract is non-exclusive. However, you should check the other platforms you mentioned and see what their distribution agreement is. Maybe they’re non-exclusive too, maybe not.
I’ll ask @Carlos to confirm instead of Maurizio.



Bandcamp and SoundCloud are plateforms where you can upload pretty much whatever you want since you don’t need to go through an official distributor.

To answer your question briefly: Yes, you can upload the same piece of music to IDAGIO, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

PS: Please be respectful to the people who are trying to help you.