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Hey all,

We’re committed to the languages we provide and it has always been our aim to bring musicians together and not separate them by putting each language into separate forums. So we’re happy to say that you can now translate any post on this forum!

To get 1-click Translations:
Please set your language by going to:
Profile > Preferences > Interface > "Interface Language" and set to your language

Every post can then be translated with the click of a button (the world symbol at the bottom of a post) - looking forward to the multi-lingual replies!!

Please note some things:

  1. We’re aware of an issue translating to English (UK) so please use English (US) for now (yes, unfortunately I have to read color not colour :slightly_smiling_face: )

  2. Please let us know of any issues with language selection - if you get a “500” timeout then let us know which language it was below.

Hope this helps us all keep up with each other :globe_with_meridians: :keyboard: :globe_with_meridians:


Hi @SimonG

da Du auch deutsch verstehst, schreibe ich mal auf deutsch zur Abwechslung :wink:

Ich finde diese Option echt gelungen. Gefällt mir :+1:

Viele Grüße


I do understand, but also - it is nice to be able to not use my brain to translate! :brain: (I’ll save that brain space for more ideas :bulb:)

Thanks for the comment tho - I’m hopeful it will make the community easier to read for everyone!


Genial este mensaje!

Ahora voy a entrar mucho más al área de la Comunidad.



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