My cashout was cancelled after a month and a lesser amount shows up on my account as cash balance?

Here we are again.

I have waited a whole month (34 days to be exact) for this 20.11eur cashout, it is suddenly cancelled and I now see a cash balance of 16eur in my account.

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 22.33.55

Another day another weird issue. I am getting tired of all of these no matter how hard I try to correct your mistakes.

May I ask what happened here?

Please do not say I have DM’d you and close this thread, I want an explanation and I want everyone to see this thread.

I am waiting for a reply immediately.

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Honestly, I am getting pissed off. I am trying my best to be nice and even give feedback about this ‘platform’ (very hard to call it that) and EVEN saying I will help find proper developers but now I am fully convinced this whole operation, if you may, is run by a bunch of clueless kids.

Like what the actual flip.

For context, I made this thread earlier to give feedback and point out the flaws in this website. None of my issues were corrected, the payments on my banking tab are still wrong, and all I got was a lousy 40eur credit so I can spend it on this… platform.

The analytics have been wrong for months now. Melani in her reply says “We are constantly working to improve our products and features, I will bring this to our product team.”

I’m sure the ‘team’ is non-existent.

Give me a straight answer or prepare my artist and label release forms as I am going to leave.

-What is going on here?

-Why is my cashout cancelled after 34 days?

-What happened to 20% of the money I made? How has 20 turned into 16? Where did that money go?

Bro, calm down, it’s youtube fault.
They sent less money than stats shows - imusician need to recalculate it - thats the reason of delay and rest of your questions


I do not distribute to youtube or use youtube content ID.

Even if I did, it would not even be 10% of my questions.

Learn how to read. You don’t have to have an idea about everything.

99% of my streams come form spotify, the rest is apple music and deezer.

Hello @Debreu

I have verified and my account balance was also reduced since last month without reason ?

Could you tell us @Maurizio and @Carlos if there is a reason for @Debreu and myself ?

A2D an indie musician


Hey @A2D @FlamingoCartel @Debreu,

As explained here, some major platforms (including YouTube, but not only) are undergoing major changes to their royalty policies, which is influencing the way their calculations are finalized, therefore we had to readjust the amount displayed on your dashboard to match the revenue we were able to collect.

Regarding the remaining amount, we are in active talks with the shops in order to recuperate it as soon as possible, however at this stage we’re unfortunately not able to tell you when that will be the case.

We thank you for your patience and understanding while we try to resolve this situation promptly :slight_smile:


Hello @Carlos ok :ok_hand: