Rockstar Release Commissions?


Why you change my old contratc without my agree.
I was Rockstar Contract and now is on Free, and now 10% royalties off ???

Initial was not changed without my Agree !

It’s too expensive today in 2023 !!!

Hey @Sebiojazz

If you released with Rockstar previously then you will not be charged any commission on old Rockstar releases. Apologies if our communication was not clear.

We did not change the contract, but we do agree that everything is getting expensive in 2023.

that will not ! sorry !

Your prices are very expensive as Tunecore, you were the exception and today you are the equal to them business.

I am not really happy to that

and once again you gonna say as politics, the war in Ukraine became responsible for the increase

If platforms like spotify paid artists honestly and better, we could pay for a subscription, but this is not the case in 2023! All these platforms make money on our backs without actually paying the funds!!!

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Hey @Sebiojazz,

I completely get your anger towards spotify etc, and some of these platforms are also putting very specific policies in place about what and how music should be released, so we need to ensure that we comply with this. It is unfortunate but necessary.

We’re also working on more features for Artist Hub that will help independent musicians take more control of their earnings (including a way for fans to pay artists directly through an evolution of Artist Hubs)… (Our CTO @Chris will probably hate me for “leaking” information here).

So yes, we understand and we really are working hard to provide more and more features for the independent artist (because a lot of our team are also independent artists and also want success).

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Of course i understand, but 100€ is too expensive if you observe royalties or various gain from distribution.

When you write “musique online forever” is real even if you stop subscription ?

Even if you stop a subscription you music will STAY ONLINE, absolutely yes.

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Ha! That just happened :slight_smile:
But yeah in all honesty we continuously are working on providing tools for all of our musicians so they can find success with what they do!


Oh, that’s already better news

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in fact with subscriptions we only pay for advanced features and will lose them after subscription cancellation isn’t it ?

It is the way.

So your music IS online forever, you pay to get access to features and reduce commission. If you stop paying a subscription your features will be downgraded but

YOUR MUSIC STAYS ONLINE FOREVER with whatever shops you chose at the time (it isn’t downgraded).

Sounding better?

it Sounds better, yes but…

About royalties with Amplify+ , if it’s downgraded, about commission, will they stay at 0% or will go to 10% ?

That is a but…

Your releases will return to the 10% commission (unless a Rockstar, then we honour the 0%)

it doesn’t sound good but it’s 2023 !

at least, Rockstar was a good deal.

If you have a lot of releases coming up, please hit us up with in this form and we’ll be in touch:

As is understand, many chose IMusican for distribution because of the possibility of paying 1 time per release (Rockstar). So why does IMusican do not offer a additional possibillity to choose all shops with custom label for ca. 40 EUR per release. Even if i would have 3 releases a year i would pay 120 EUR that year instead of suscribing a 100 EUR plan. Because i don’t know if i have more than 2 releases every year and don’t want to subscribe and cancle subscriptions all time. Just pay once - that’s it. This was the big advantage of IMusican for me and to have the oppotunity to release to Beatport, Traxsource and Junodownload.

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This is still the case to pay one time per release, no matter the subscription (Free, AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+): your single/EP or album will stay online against a one time payment.

If you’re interested into Beatport, Traxsource and Juno you can subscribe to AMPLIFY+ and put your release online to all shops including them with 0% and if one day you downgrade to the Free subscription, your music stay on all of those shops but the commission will go to 10%.

Subscribing and unsubscribing is not ideal but you have the freedom to do it, especially if you’re not interested in the features that much and more looking into the distribution on shops like Beatport, Traxsource & Juno only.

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I just submitted this form to get more information because paying 100 + 9 (single) for every release is a lot of money if you release weekly…
Hope to hear back from you soon about this Pro unlimited option.

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