Introduce Yourself! 🎤

@smokinbrains I wanna say we do not forget your song in our ears during this summer - sure a hit for a first release !

Ahhh thanks!! Hope you like it, if is like that, please share it averywhere

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@smokinbrains wish done, song added to my playlist :wink:

Un duo astromusical à découvrir sur :

Thanks a lot, keep sharing it :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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Ciao Pio, ho ascoltato… bella canzone ci piace, anche noi abbiamo rilasciato poco fa la nostra prima canzone, ti lascio il link: Listen

We are on Apple Music also: Listen

iTunes: [Purchase] ‎Yours for the Summer - Single by Smokin' Brains on Apple Music)

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We are on Apple Music also; [Yours for the Summer - Single by Smokin’ Brains ‎Yours for the Summer - Single by Smokin' Brains on Apple Music](Yours for the Summer - Single by Smokin’ Brains ‎Yours for the Summer - Single by Smokin' Brains on Apple Music)

Hi I’m Lento

i am from Germany and i fulfilled myself a big dream releasing music with imusician. My first release is called “Andenken” and is a soundtrack to the memories i have of my grandparents. I would describe my music as neo-classical, piano-based, mostly minimalistic and sometimes with string arrangements.

I would be glad if some of you might listen to it. Comments or Feedback are welcome.
listen to Andenken

I am looking forward what happens within this Community!



Ciao, grazie mille… Anche io ho ascoltato il vostro brano, mi piace! Ottimo inizio!

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ooo yes please, more of this!

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very good, Nice vocals and production, I think a Bassline may help with the groove.

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Hola soy Panfle,
compositor y músico de rock español, que tiene la fea costumbre de hablar y cantar en su idioma, hay alguien por aquí que tenga ese mismo defecto?, por si acaso os dejo un enlace a una de nuestras canciones.



Hi, I’m Andi from the andi and meicheng project and we have just released our debut single ‘the end of a dream’ with iMusician, we want to thank you for the great support during release and are looking forward to the next releases with you! here is a link to our first song on Spotify
very best from Venice, Italy
Andi & Meicheng

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Hola Panfle,

Yo tengo el mismo defecto jajajajaj.

Me llamo wlancelot (Mario), soy de Tech/Minimal, aunque soy bastante rockero, me gustan muchos estilos, pero entre mis favoritos el Rock por supuesto, estoy tratando de experimentar he creado unos temas rockeros con toques electrónicos y a ver qué tal sale el asunto.

Estaría muy bien colaborar en algún tema.
Si alguien se anima a colaborar en un tema que me escriba :wink:

He escuchado “Contradicciones” y le he dao un corazón en spotify, suena muy bien y está muy chulo.
Mucha suerte con el tema y p’alante!
Salud, dinero y alcohol!

Mi perfil de spotify:


Je viens de m’abonner à ton compte Spotify :heart: