NEW iMusician is here!

Hey all,

We just released a Core Update to iMusician Platform :slight_smile:

Update: If you want some more context on why we changed - please read this post

We’ve spent a long long time updating iMusician to be even better than ever and still give you access to the features you want so here’s a video update to give you an overview

Still not sure? Watch this thread as we will be running Webinars in French and English very soon (check the links for dates)

Core benefits:

Our promise will always be: forever online music distribution — forever!

  • You only pay for what you really need
  • If you simply want to keep your music online forever? With iMusician you just pay ONCE and your songs are good to go forever! You get all the basics that come with our Free plan, such as our free smartlink (AH Free) or access to our iMusician community
  • If you want more advanced features, distro perks and promo tools, you just get one of our subscription plans, AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+. You can go monthly for full flexibility or save some money by going yearly.
  • There’s no need to pay legacy fees or be worried about your music being taken down if you forget to change your credit card. Once it is up, it is up.

No matter which plan you’re on — even if you change your mind and downgrade to our Free plan — your releases stay online as they were!

For All of Us Who Have Commitment Issues

This brings us to a very important point: financial flexibility. With iMusican you don’t need to lock yourself into any long term contracts.

  • Unlike other music distributors where you have to keep paying to keep your releases online, iMusician lets you switch your subscription to our Free Plan anytime, for as long as you need to (and, your tracks stay online, yes, we made this point before but we’ll make it again!)
  • Your songs will still be online generating streaming revenue from all the shops they were delivered to, no matter what plan you’re on and your Artist Hubs will remain online!
  • When you’re ready to roll again, you just pick up where you left off, and everything is back to normal

Say Cheese! Yeah, We’re Swiss.

Another important point for our artists has been trust. We are trusted by half a million independent artists who release their music with us. As a Swiss company we are backed by strong global copyright laws and a stable financial system. You can trust that your music and money are well protected with us.

  • Unlike most of our US-based competitors, we don’t charge any hidden fees like withholding tax
  • What’s withholding tax, you’re wondering? Most US distribution companies charge withholding tax, which means that they keep 30% of your music revenue (automatically) if you’re not a US citizen (or fill in loads of forms)
  • As a Swiss company we don’t do that: If you go for 0% commission, you’ll keep 100% of your royalties! There is absolutely no witholding tax from Switzerland, whichever country you are in.

Our Mission: The One and Only Music Career Toolkit

We’re on a mission to become your music career one-stop-shop, and we’re working continuously to create new solutions for any possible music industry problem that you need solved.

  • Music promo tools like Artist Hub with pre-save pages help you build your brand and increase your reach
  • Music Analytics lets you discover your potential with charts and graphs that tell you more about your listeners and how they interact with your music
  • You can talk to our experienced Artist & Label relations agents in 6 different languages on whichever channel you prefer: direct forum support or email
  • You can pitch your songs to our own playlists or let us pitch your tracks to the official playlist curator on Spotify, Amazon etc.

We’re Here to Develop More Tools for You! Tell Us What You Need!

  • Of course we are continuously working on launching new tools and features
  • As some of you may know, we’re going to introduce revenue splits very soon; a tool that automatically calculates the revenue every team member is owed, so all you have to do is hit the payout button
  • We’re also working on another solution to promote your artist brand
  • A lot is going on BUUUUUT, this is where we count on you: what else do you want us to come up with? Which career obstacles do you need help with? What tool have you always been dreaming of? Tell us in the “Suggestions” section of the Community

Also - for all of you releasing or subscribing now there is a limited time discount available, check out the pricing page in-app !

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Waouwww a lot news for 2023 ! It sounds great


Hopefully this is just the start, we have some great new features coming soon to help promote and manage tracks - not ready to release a roadmap yet, but we’re working on it :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,

I’ve just looked at the new website and it looks amazing! :partying_face: :+1:

The new design, the structure and the new plans looking very modern.


Hey @cantheproducer thanks! We also love the design… it’s “refreshing” - more of this to come!

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thank you! and please continue sending over feedback so we can improve!

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Thanks for having the seminar today.
It was good to get the new working order!

Excited to see what you develop for the Pro Unlimited tier in the future.


Bonjour, j’ai effectué la sotie de mon EP avant les mise à jour, et j’ai donc payé pour avoir 100% des revenus, un paiement Unique. Dois je obligatoirement payer à nouveau un abonnement pour conserver 100% des revenus ? Car je suis actuelement en forfait free et il est indiqué 10% de commission.

@skjold Rien ne change pour les forfaits Rockstar qui ont été payés avant la mise en ligne de nos abonnements.

Bonjour, je vois juste ce post maintenant, j’ai raté le webinar du 11 janvier. Est-il prévu un autre webinar sur Amplify ? j’aimerai voir ce qui est mieux pour moi sachant que je n’ai pas de nouvelles distribution prévu. J’ai besoin de conseils. Merci


Nous allons probablement proposer un nouveau webinaire très prochainement.
En attendant, vous pouvez regarder le webinaire du 11.01.2023 Ă  cette page :

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merci bcp pour le Webinaire enregistré. J’ai une question sur Amplify +, Avant on payait a chaque sortie et je ne comprends pas avec l’abonnement c’est on paye l’abonnement et on peut sortir autant de piste que l’on veut ? (j’avais pris le pack EP builder) donc 2 singles et l’EP.

Vous trouverez plus d’informations dans cette conversation au sujet de nos abonnements : Prices - Tarifs

Vous payez une seule fois votre sortie single, EP ou album (9€, 15€ et 20€ respectivement) et nos abonnements AMPLIFY et AMPLIFY+ vous donnent accès à plus d’options et d’outils tels qu’Artist Hub Pro/Pro+, Analytics, les plateformes premium et Apple Music, etc.

Vous pouvez Ă©galement en savoir plus ici : Tarifs | iMusician

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Cool ! Thank you

J’ai quelques questions SVP :

  • Si je comprends bien, en cas de problème sur une sortie avec abonnement FREE, il n’y a aucune assistance par mail ? Il faut donc obligatoirement payer pour avoir une aide par mail ?
  • En cas d’abonnement premium, avec choix de toutes les plateformes premium pour la distribution, puis downgrade en abonnement free quelques annĂ©es plus tard pour X ou Y raisons, que se passe-t-il pour les titres prĂ©cĂ©demment distribuĂ©s sur ces plateformes ? Vous les supprimez ? Restent-ils en ligne “pour toujours” sur ces plateformes ?
    Merci pour vos réponses


I’ve read about the new plans.
Before, with the Regular option, I was paying 39euros for an album released on every streaming services and shops, with 5% commission, forever…and that’s it!
Now, if I want to release an album on all streaming services forever, I Have to pay 20euros for the release + 50euros each year!!! And if I want to downgrade with the free plan, it’s 10%commission, and only 4 shops to choose (without applemusic)…
I’m a little worried! Am I wrong? Did I miss something?!
Thanks for your answer